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Symphony Word Cloud Generator creates a word cloud from text your project. A word cloud is an image that has words arranged in a way that conveys their relative frequencies. There is a variety of ways to depict word clouds. Symphony does it by varying the font size and font color. Words are arranged in a sprial, where the most common word appears in the largest font in the middle of the image, and the remaining words are placed around it in a clockwise rotation outward. The color and font size is varied along the spiral in order to accentuate the declining frequency of each word.

Create a Basic Word Cloud

No settings are required for a basic word cloud. Simply click the Create Word Cloud button and your word cloud will be generated

Optional Settings

After you make a change to an option setting, click the Create Word Cloud button to update the word cloud.

Maximum Words

This setting specifies the number of words to include in the word cloud. Symphony will include the most frequent words up to this number, and will only include as many words as will fit into the word cloud canvas.

Phrase Length

When this is set to 1, the results are based on word counts. When it is set to 2 or 3, the results are based on frequncies of phrases of that length. Note that phrases take more space, so if you have this set to 2 or 3 consider using a suitably-low number for the Maximum Words setting.

Resize Word Cloud

The white region in the middle of the screen is the word cloud canvas. This is where the word cloud is output, and it determines the font sizes to use. You can resize it by dragging the lower-right corner with your mouse. While dragging, the size of the region is pixels is displayed.

This setting lets you control how large the word cloud is in terms of pixels. If you don't have much text you might want to make it smaller. Or if you have a document you want to include the word cloud in, you might want to set is to a size ideal for the document. These instructions assume that you have just generated a word cloud and it is currently being displayed.

  1. If you are not already on the Size and Submit page, click its button now.
  2. Using your mouse, drag the lower-right corner of the word cloud region until it is sized as desired. As you drag, the current width and height in pixels is displayed above the region.

Blacklist Words

This setting lets you exclude specific words. Symphony automatically excludes some words such as "the" and "is". If you see additional words that you don't want included, you can add them to the blacklist. When you update the word cloud, it is generated without those words.

  1. If you are not already on the Size and Submit page, click its button now.
  2. In the word cloud, locate a word you want to blacklist.
  3. Drag the word from the cloud and drop it on the Blacklist. The word will disappear from the current word cloud, and will appear in the Blacklist. If your browser doesn't support this, click the Blacklist and manually type the word; it will be included as a blacklist word the next time the wordcloud is created.

Word Filter

This setting lets you specify a word that you want to make the subject of the analysis. When you specify a filter word, Symphony uses only paragraphs from your text that have that word in it. Paragraphs that don't have the word are ignored.

  1. If you are not already on the Size and Submit page, click its button now.
  2. In the word cloud, locate the word you want to use as the filter word.
  3. Either drag the word from the cloud and drop it on the Filter Word field, or left-click the word with your mouse and choose "Set as Filter Word". Depending on the version of your browser, these actions may or may not word. If you have difficulty, you can simply type the word into the Filter Word field.

Word Proximity

This setting works in conjunction with the Filter Word field; it has no effect on the result unless a Filter Word is specified. the Word Proximity is an additional filtering settting. It limits the words included in the analysis to those within the Proximity setting of the Filter Word. So only words that are within the proximity of the Filter Word are included in the analysis. If the Proximity is zero, the entire text of each paragraph containing the Filter Word is used.

  1. If you are not already on the Size and Submit page, click its button now.
  2. Click the Proximity field and enter the distance away from the Filter Word you want to include.