"Why Should I Use Symphony?"

Symphony is about Competitive Advantage.


At the end of the day, the overarching objective with Symphony is to achieve your text analysis and reporting goals with as little effort as possible. For that reason, Symphony is packed with features that assist you with doing what you already do but with less effort.

  • Quickly import interview guides and pre-code comments to high-level codes
  • Import complex Excel spreadsheets in seconds
  • Code groups of comments all at once using Symphony's Cluster Analysis utility
  • Rapidly move comments between codes with Drag/Drop and Single-click Coding
  • Take advantage of Symphony's coding suggestions as it learns your coding style
  • Save days of administrative effort producing reports that follow your organization's standards for look and feel


Because Symphony makes you more productive, you have more time to do what you do best: understand what the analysis is telling you. To that end, Symphony provides features that help you discover insights that ensure a high-quality analysis. Clients say the high-quality results they are able to deliver usually lead to follow-on work.

  • Effortlessly reorganize your coding structure as your analysis takes you in new directions
  • Use Symphony's "Tags" feature to bring out the richness of your data
  • Measure the extent of sentiments, alignment, and fitness to models
  • Deepen your insights into the data by running "what if" queries in Symphony's Queries view.
  • Visualize your query results using Symphony's Chart view.
  • Discover alignment or lack thereof between respondents or across demographics


Symphony's Synchronization Service provides the features needed for team members to work collaboratively.

  • Meet tight schedules by enabling team members to work in parallel
  • Ensure that all team members actively working on a project see the latest version
  • Leave notations in codes and comments for other team members to guide them in their analysis or to help them know where you are going
  • Keep team members informed of significant milestones through automated notifications
  • Track each team member's efforts through Symphony's automated time accounting feature


Symphony is a solution to a problem. Solutions require people, processes, and technology. So Symphony comes with unlimited support -- tailored to your specific needs -- at no additional charge. From day one we can make sure that everything you do leads directly to your final deliverables.

  • Upon request, we will facilitate a project kickoff web meeting
  • Detailed context-specific help pages and callouts guide you through the user interface
  • To ensure seamless data imports and report generation, we will guide you on your data preparation