Symphony Videos
Symphony Overview This video is a brief introduction to Symphony, showing what Symphony is used for.
Symphony's Cluster Analysis View (2:04) This video demonstrates the basics of Symphony's Cluster Analysis view, using employee engagement data.
Symphony's Code Suggestion Component This video provides a brief overview of Symphony's Code Suggestion Component. Symphony's Code Suggestion Component works with you while you code, suggesting which codes from your coding structure to use as you move through your comments.
Import from Excel - Survey format Demonstrates importing respondents and comments from an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet layout is typical of online surveys, where each row is one survey response and the columns are respondent demographics and answers to survey items.
Import from Excel - Database format Demonstrates importing "flattened" data -- similar to what you would have from a database "SELECT *" statement where repeat data appears in each row.
Coding Basics (2:42) This video show some of the basics of coding, specifically non-structured content.
Create a Feedback Report Template (3:58) Symphony Feedback reports are Word documents that are based on a Word template. This video shows you how to create your own template from an existing document. (Included with Symphony is a Word template that you can modify to reflect your organization's branding.)
Feedback Report Display Options This video shows you how to display a statistic with each code, and how to display the Respondent's name and demographics with each comment.
Text Tables and Charts to Microsoft Word  This video shows you how to create text tables and charts in a Microsoft Word template.
Create Charts in PowerPoint Presentation This video demonstrates how to create PowerPoint charts with data from Symphony. A chart with "overall" data is created, then this is used to create a series of drill-downs into a demographic.
Famous People Tutorial
This next series of videos demonstrates a user being guided by Symphony's interactive Famous People Team Assessment tutorial. If you want to have Symphony guide you through the tutorial, click the Assistants button on Symphony's main tool bar, then choose the lesson of interest.
Famous People Team Assessment - Lesson 1 (2:34)
  • Create a project
  • Create a demographic
  • Create a respondent
  • Import data from an interview guide
  • Edit comments
Famous People Team Assessment - Lesson 2 (5:39)
  • Create comments manually
  • Create codes and assign comments to them
  • Import data from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Organize the coding structure