Create Insights from Text - Fast and Easy


Symphony is about insights!

And insights are what your clients pay you for! Symphony assists you with discovering the important themes running through your data. Symphony takes the tedium out of qualitative analysis, leaving you free to focus on what the data is telling you!

Symphony is about productivity!

Whether you analyze notes from interviews, open-ended items from employee engagement surveys, or transcripts from focus groups or social media. Whether your data numbers in the hundreds or thousands of paragraphs, Symphony will help you find and measure the important themes in less time and with more accuracy than your current approach!

Symphony is about extending engagements!

Want follow-on work from your clients? Symphony can help you get it. Symphony users routinely report that the quality of results they are able to deliver to their clients results in opportunities to implement changes suggested by their Symphony analyses.

Let Symphony be your competitive advantage!

Regardless of your process or the tools you use, you will find that Symphony reduces the time you spend coding content and formatting reports. This is because Symphony is built from the ground up to simplify the tasks that you the analyst spend much of your time on. This leaves you free to do what your clients value most: creating insights.

And because you have more time to do what you do best, Symphony's advantage becomes your advantage!

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